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My humblest apologies for the very late blog.
I was offline last week for the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashana.
While writing this blog on a Monday, I was thinking that maybe it is better for people  to read about being more positive and dealing with stress on a Monday, when most people really need it, rather than on a Friday when most people are probably winding down for the week and feeling less stressed than they were on Monday.
So, I’m going to try to send this out on a Monday in future and see how that works out.

My new year was great!
Our new year is not the same as the secular one which is about one big party and celebration.  It is much more solemn and somber than that.  It is a time of reflection, contemplation and prayer.
In other words, you get to spend a lot of time with yourself, thinking about life and your actions.  If ever there is a time to truly make resolutions, it is probably now.
One of the things that really only struck me after it was over and I had spent 3 full days with no access to my phone or computer, was that I really didn’t miss it.
In fact, I found it really intrusive to turn my phone on and be bombarded with messages and notifications.  Not one of which were that important that waiting 3 days to see to them caused the world to shift off its axis.
And I really didn’t miss hearing about people’s pets or their pet peeves either.
I resolved not to get so caught up in social media and the constant need to be connected.  There are really more important things to deal with and to make time for.
I challenge anyone reading this to check their phone a few times less than what you think is necessary and see if it makes a difference to you.

The other thing that I reflected on was how much I give and how little I often receive in return.
My choice is to either feel sorry for myself because “nobody gives as much as me” and stop giving all together or to continue to give but to give freely knowing that I am doing it because I choose to do it and not worrying about what anyone else does or says.
When I mentioned thisin my group session this morning, there was a consensus that most people who end up being overwhelmed by stress just give too much.
And then they get more stressed by choosing to focus on why nobody else gives as much as they do.
Make your choice.
If you are a “giver” – choose to give with no expectations of others.  Choose to give because you are a nice, kind person.  Acknowledge what you get from giving and if it still makes you happy, then keep doing it.
If it makes you bitter and resentful then stop doing it right now.

My mission in giving is to give more compliments.
And I’ll start with you:
Thank you for being so awesome.
Thanks for reading my blog and for using it to make yourself a better person.
Thank you for being a unique and special person – for being you!