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Today I saw an angel!
He was a rather dirty and ragged looking homeless type of angel but he was an angel none the less.  He happened to be ambling leisurely across the road when it was really my right of way so I had to wait patiently for him to move before I could drive.
And what a good thing he was there because if he wasn’t and I would have driven when the light turned green for me, I would have been hit by a driver who obviously thought that red lights were just optional.
I breathed a sigh of relief and then wondered about the fact that a homeless man delayed me and therefore seemed to have saved me from disaster.

I wonder how often we meet angels – people who come into our life for some kind of purpose.
Sometimes, it may be a one minute, random passing and other times it could be somebody who comes into your life for a few years.
The real challenge for us – and let me tell you that I battle with this myself – is knowing when to let those people go.
People come into our lives for a reason and then they go – and that going can be so hurtful and painful.
But we have to be strong enough to understand and to let them go.  Rather than clinging to something that is just not working for you anymore (even if you think it is!)

Another challenge is when you see that “angel” as the “devil” because it seems that they only cause chaos and hurt in your life.
So, why do I call them angels? Because they are still there to teach you something about yourself.  They still have some kind of purpose in your life…
And how would you recognise an angel if you hadn’t met a devil?
How do you understand happiness if you have never experienced sadness?
How do you know light if you haven’t seen dark?

Be open to letting people into your life;  to understanding that some people come into your life for a reason.
Open your eyes to recognise the angels in your life – they may not have halos or wings, but they are certainly there!