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I spent a large amount of my life dancing.
In fact, I still do, because I would always choose dancing over walking if I could.  I get used to the stares when I pirouette in the aisles of the supermarket.
Though, now that my kids are older, they insist that my dancing embarrasses them (I’m not going to stop though – it is who I am).

As a dancer on ice, I spent a lot of the dances skating backwards, staring into the eyes of my partner (as I learned from the great Torvill & Dean) and hoping that he would not steer me in the wrong direction or into the barrier on the side (not always that successfully).

Torvill and Dean Skating to "Bolero"

Torvill and Dean skate Bolero in the 1984 Olympics

When he lifted me, I had to trust that he would not drop me and I guess he had to trust that I kept my blades well away from his body (not always that successfully).


Nobody dances in a straight line, always going forward – not even line dancers, I’m told.
It would be really boring and if the dancer was on a stage, they would quickly end up off stage or in the orchestra pit.
Yet, we expect our lives to be one smooth, straight path with no deviations, no going backwards, no accidents, no falling and definitely no twisty twirly bits.
Our lives are filled with backward steps, side steps and confusing choreography.
Our lives are filled with times when we are not sure what is going on, and we can’t see where we are going but we have to trust life.
Trust life?
We have absolutely no idea where we are going and what it is all about but we have to trust that there is a greater purpose to it all.
We have to believe that as difficult as things are, they are there for a reason.  We just really don’t see it, or understand it, at the time.

It is time to dance!
Whether you dance physically to just enjoy the moment or you dance spiritually to the unheard rhythm of life.
Go backwards, spin around, move forwards – find enjoyment in the moment rather than looking for the destination or end point.
And don’t forget to bow at the end.
cha cha