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It doesn’t matter how much negative feedback you get from other sources.
The most destructive type of negative feedback is from your own negative self talk.
That little (although it is sometimes deafeningly loud) voice of doubt.
It is that voice within you that is constantly telling you what you can’t do rather than celebrating your achievements.
It warns you that you are going to fail, or worse, that you are already a failure. And you let that stop you from being awesome and reaching amazing potential.
I have never really found a technique that can absolutely shut off that negative talk and replace it with positive. Mainly because I think that for some bizarre reason, we are almost programmed to think the worst.
But there are definitely things that you can do to encourage positive self talk.

It is not about shouting from the rooftops to the world about how wonderful you are but rather, quietly reassuring yourself that you can do it and that you are worthy of doing it.
A few weeks ago, I tried a craft with my therapy group where we made positive self talk boxes.
It was so easy yet so effective. Both as an enjoyable and simple craft to make with beautiful results but also an effective end product.

photo 3Get an empty matchbox and decorate it on the inside and the outside with stickers, paper, ribbon, buttons, feathers, glitter and any other item that you love.
Write or print a positive message for yourself and stick it inside the box.
Once it is dry, put it in your bag or your pocket.  Keep it in your desk drawer or next to your computer.
Everytime you need a reminder of something positive, just open the box.
Take a deep breath and affirm the positive message inside.
Now, start to live it!

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