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This is the last post for this year.
It is really hard to believe that year has flown by so quickly and when I reflect on what I have done in the past year, I am so happy that I fulfilled some of my dreams this year.  But I also sat back and thought about things much more than actually doing them.
Aren’t most of us masters at that?
Great at thinking, planning and dreaming…. terrible at being brave enough to actually make those dreams and plans a reality.
It may be fear that stops us, it may be laziness and more likely, it is just that it is easy to accept things as they are – to not want to rock the boat too much or do things differently.
I don’t think that we need to accept that.
I think that we are all worth so much more if we just allow ourselves to grow and blossom.
So, while I was thinking about all of this, somebody shared a video with me that is profound.

It is a bit sad if we think about it too much. The idea that so many people die without living to their fullest potential and that graveyards are places of unfulfilled dreams, plans that never happened and ideas that never reached fruitition.
Let us never be one of those people – let us live, make our dreams come true, speak out about our ideas, try things even though we feel that we may fail.
As 2014 closes and we start thinking about a new year, make that part of the deal – 2015 with no regrets!
May all of you who celebrate Christmas have a wonderful one.
Thank you all for being here and sharing this journey with me.