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Happy new year!
I hope that you all had a really good festive season and that you are ready to start the new year with a brand new attitude.
(Don’t worry – I am here to hold your hand through it)
New year, new resolutions!
This year, forget about the resolutions.  Don’t make promises that you are not going to keep.  Don’t put pressure on yourself unnecessarily.

What I would like you to do is to make more of an effort to be kind and gentle to yourself.  You are not always going to be happy.  You are not always going to be stress free and things are definitely not always going to go your way.
You are going to be sad this year, you are going to be angry.  You are also going to be excited and you are going to feel carefree (you will!).
Through the bad times, and the good times – just be gentle on yourself and allow yourself to just be.
Learn to notice the small things that are good while you are feeling bad.  Notice the tiny little miracles around you that are happening while you are focused on yourself and your problems.

While I was away on holiday, I was staying in the mountains where I had no internet connection and very little cellphone coverage (horror!).  Initially I was not happy but I can tell you that a few days without outside interference was not a bad thing.
Then added to that, it was constantly raining and quite cold for this time of year.  During a gap in the rain, I went for a walk and instead of focusing on the endless grey skies, I chose to look for small beautiful things. I noticed the little toadstool filled with rain and I marvelled at the way the light caught the water droplets on the pine needles.


It was then, that I decided that this year I am not going to get bogged down by the big stuff – but rather be gentle and focus on the little things that are so often overlooked and are far nicer than the big things.
I look forward to sharing this journey with you and also to hearing about your stories too!
Let 2015 be wonderful, beautiful and may it give us abundant opportunities to learn.

water droplets