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It is week 2 of the new year and for me it already feels like it has been 2015 forever.
It is so easy to slip back into routine even though you can’t imagine it when you first start.
During my sessions and in correspondence, I have had a few people that have said that they are afraid to make resolutions in case they fail.
What does FAIL mean? It stands for:
First Attempt in Learning.
Isn’t that a much nicer way of seeing it?
It moves away from the concept of failing being a terrible thing and rather focuses on the idea that failure is just a step towards learning something new.
If we could all change our attitudes towards failure, then we will boldly go in directions that we never thought that we could.
Once you go in that direction, with an open minded attitude,  you will know that either your new direction is going to be really successful or that your new direction is going to end up being the wrong one and you will have the opportunity to change and do something new.
You will do something new with the idea that you would never have known about it if you hadn’t tried it in the first place.

When I was younger (and more naive) we always used to say “if at first you don’t succeed – try, try and try again”
I don’t think that it is always worth it to rehash something that doesn’t work for you after you’ve tried it.
It is not about trying again but rather saying that you tried it, it didn’t work, so now you are going to do something completely different. It my very well have the end result that you wanted in the first place but it also may send you in a direction that you never even imagined in the first place.  One that you will happily settle in for a while (before you make your next error!)

May 2015 be filled with graceful failures for us all.  May we bravely attempt new things and go in new and exciting directions.
I look forward to hearing about your good news!