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Yesterday in all the crazy madness of getting work done, having plumbers over to unblock the drain (again) and my house in the middle of renovations, I heard an awful scream.
And then my son came running towards me with blood running down his face and dripping all over the place.
In a spectacular way that only he could manage, he bit his lower lip in half.
So I dropped everything that was “important” to take him to the hospital where after a few hours, and a lot of drama, he was proudly sporting 5 stitches.
Today he was really excited to get to school so that he could tell everyone the story.

People who know my son will know that school is not his favourite place to be – and that is putting it very mildly. But today was going to be brilliant in his mind because he was “special”.

Isn’t that what we all need?
To feel special and be recognised.
I think that is the reason that people love a bit of drama.  It mixes things up a bit and gives everyone something to talk about, and often gives them a common experience that bonds them.
Let us all aim for recognition and special treatment without the drama:
What can you do to be more recognised?  Even if the only person who is acknowledging you is yourself.
How can you be more special? Even if it is a decision to stand taller and smile more often.  Maybe it is being noticed for your new, quirky style.  Or you are the one who writes your notes in lime green (okay that is me…)
Try standing up for what you believe in and making your unique voice heard.

I know that we all deserve more and that we are all special. You should know that too!
Don’t wait for somebody else to acknowledge this – you are perfectly capable of doing it yourself.
To quote Dr Seuss: “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no on earth who is you-er than you”
Go out there and be awesome!