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Wow, the last two days have been so filled with negativity at work (and that is not the clients I’m talking about – I expect depressed people to be negative).
And then today, both of my kids came home moaning about negative teachers and unfair friends.
Add to that the general feeling of negativity in the country and the community at the moment with all the load shedding that we are dealing with.
[For those of you who are reading this and are privileged enough not to know what load shedding is: our electricity supplier cuts our electricity off for 4 hours or more every few days.]
The positive side to load shedding is that South Africa has been named one of the most romantic countries in the world because everyone has candle lit dinners (drum roll please)
So it seems that we are all drowning in negativity.

And then I came across this awesome quote:

It doesn’t matter how much negativity is around you, it is your choice to let that negativity in.
And you choose to allow it to get you down.
Or, you choose to rise above the negativity.
In which case, you have two choices here – either you can care less (but don’t allow yourself to get stressed by doing so) or you can continue to be positive and hard working and true to yourself and not allow the negative influences around you to affect your amazing self.
I know that you are worth a lot more than the negative feedback or the negative attitude that you are getting.  Just believe in you!