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I had some serious activities lined up for my clients this past Friday in celebration of Valentine’s Day.
We made Valentines bags filled with goodies and ate red popcorn.  Each person added a note to their Valentine craft describing why they were amazing.

Heart lollipop

It was all about spending some time on the day of love focused on self-love.  Or self-like if love was too strong an emotion to deal with at the time.


I’ve come to realise that the one main reason that people don’t like themselves is that their only reference of what is considered great, or even good enough, is to compare themselves to other people.
And of course there are always going to be people who are prettier than you, richer than you, happier than you, and people who have more opportunities than you do.

I think that what Einstein had to say was most appropriate:
fish in a tree
Stop spending your life competing!
Stop constantly working hard and fighting to fit into any boxes that society wants to squash you into in order to define who you are or what you can do.
Stop spending your life worrying about what other people think or say.
Stop pleasing other people.

This is your opportunity to be you and to really nurture your talents.
So what if you are unconventional? Who cares if you do things differently?
Don’t just wait for Valentines Day to tell yourself that you are awesomely unique – make it an everyday celebration.