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In the old, old days of our ancestors who lived in caves, having life skills was about knowing how to survive.
Life skills were knowing how to start a fire; where to find water; how to hunt food without your food hunting you; knowing which fruit was good for you and which berries could kill a person (though that would be useful too) and being resourceful when it came to food (today we will be eating grass and berries kids).
And then we became modern and our more recent ancestors had all important life skills like how to milk a cow, darn a sock, mend broken shoes, be able to fix a squeaky door hinge and repair a leaky roof.

Now, aren’t we great? Our life skills include being able to write a blog; open a Facebook account; and knowing how to Google information (although this morning I had to tell my son that there actually was a place where you can get information besides Google called the….library!).  We should be able to Whatsapp, Skype call, use a GPS (Satnav to people from foreign shores) and know how to tweet without offending (too many) people.

That is obviously important and besides a long list of other life skills that I think are essential like being able to cook without electricity (back to our ancestors I guess), open a bottle of champagne, use wood filler and a staple gun and rewire a plug, I would like to add a few of my own ideas about what life skills we really need in order to survive the crazy, frantic stressful lives that we live:

1.  Know how to manage an anxiety attack without resorting to medication
2.  Know how to be still and quiet while focusing on breathing for a few minutes a day
3.  Have a skill or an interest that is not related to the job that you do
4.  Learn how to control your temper without blowing up in a public space or hurting others (even though they may be the cause of your anger)
5.  Know how to sleep without sleeping tablets (yes, this is possible!)
6.  Have comfort object that you can use in times of distress (it may be a stress ball, a teddy bear, a drop of aromatherapy oil)
7.  Know how to say NO without feeling guilty
8.  Be able to ask for help if you need it (and everyone needs help sometimes)
9.  Be honest
10.  Never, ever give up – you may need to change focus or go in a different direction.  That is not giving up, that is being brilliant!