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On Monday, I was driving in a hurry to get to a shop and suddenly a car pulled in front of me.
So I swore under my breath.
But that didn’t change anything.
The car was driving erratically and slowly so I couldn’t overtake them and I was stuck behind them.
So I cursed again – this time with a little more enthusiasm.
And that didn’t change anything either.
I didn’t have a choice but to drive slowly behind the car, moaning as I did about how I was running late and I didn’t have time for this.
As I reached the bottom of the hill, the car suddenly turned left with no warning.  Now I was really frustrated but as I realised that at last I could accelerate, a huge part of old oak tree fell into the road in front of me.
I couldn’t believe it and all kinds of things went through my head about what could have happened if I hadn’t been forced to slow down by the strange car in front of me.
I’m not convinced that the tree could have killed me but my mind was racing anyway.
Why did that car pull in front of me? Why was it driving like that?  Why did it turn off just before the tree fell down?  Was there really a car in front of me? What would have happened if I had been hit by the tree?  Did I just imagine that?

When I posted about what happened on Facebook, the responses were as expected – my religious friends said that it was an act of God; my spiritual friends spoke about guardian angels and my atheist friends said that it was just coincidence.
Truthfully, I am open to any of those possibilities.
What I do know, however, is that we really don’t have control over our lives.  As much as we would love to think that we have control, and we sometimes fight for control to a point that we become stressed about it.
Things are going to happen whether you planned for them or not.
And you are not necessarily going to understand why.  You are definitely not going to be able to answer the ‘why’ or ‘what if’ questions.

Sometimes you just need to step back for a while and just let life take you where it is going to take you without questioning it.
Because you never know how amazing it could be on the other side.

(And what happened when I finally got to the shop that I so urgently needed to get to? It was closed!  And you know what? The world didn’t end either!)