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I am smack bang in the middle of Pesach (Passover) and I feel like I am drowning in a sea of matzah and endless cooking.
But today between cooking and working, I made time to go to the Art of the Brick exhibition by Nathan Sawaya.
(If you have a chance to go and see this incredible exhibition, please go and see it.  It is currently in Johannesburg, London, Philadelphia and Oshkosh, Wisconsin)

Besides the fact that the art is amazing, the story behind the art was far more profound for me – and especially meaningful during Pesach when we celebrate freedom.
The artist, Nathan Sawaya was a frustrated lawyer who allowed himself to be free by being creative and creating a new career for himself in the process.
He describes one of his works entitled “Gray”:


“Taking a leap is hard.  I used to be a lawyer.  There was nothing wrong with being a lawyer, but I always knew there was another me, an Artist Me, lurking inside.  Then one day I decided to let the Artist in me out, and I never looked back.”

What would happen if we got out of our self imposed jails and allowed ourselves to be free?
Could we be who we are meant to be and let go of the person that we are expected to be?
I have a feeling that most people have the most amazing abilities that they keep locked inside, jailed by fear.
How awesome would it be if there were more people in the world like Nathan Sawaya?
Imagine the possibilities….