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Last week’s blog about depression reached over 36 000 views which is a record for I don’t want to be stressed.
Obviously, I was elated that so many people had read my blog but it also saddened me to think that of all the blogs that I write, the one about depression would touch the most people.
Clearly this is a topic that needs to be spoken about and put in bright lights more often.
So, I will start here:
Depression is a real illness – it is not a mood or a random feeling, it is not attention seeking behaviour or feeling sorry for yourself and it is definitely not anything to be ashamed about!

The same goes for every mental illness in the book.  If an estimated 33% of all people have some kind of mental illness then there is a good chance that the people around you who are intolerant of your problems, probably have a mental illness too.  They are just not as brave as you.  They are your neighbours, your friends, your employers and your colleagues .  And while it might be obvious that your crazy aunt on your father’s side of the family is mentally unstable, it may not be so noticeable in the person who manages the entire company that you work for.

I believe that in a world where people are so intolerant of each other – whether it is because of race, religion, gender, social class or illness – we (yes, that means you!) need to be the shining examples.
We have to be the people who ask for help, who reach out to others, who express much more love than hatred.
We need to be the smilers, the huggers, the grateful, the hopeful and the true survivors.

Please spread the word. Nobody needs to be alone because of an illness.