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Today I took my lunch break (yes, you read that correctly – LUNCH BREAK!) at a particularly busy restaurant.
The waitress who was serving me was stressed, irritable and obviously run off her feet at the busy lunch time service.
My initial reaction was to be irritable back.  She seemed rude although she was clearly not a rude person- just a stressed person.
My choice was to be rude too or to find something to lighten her mood.  Of course I chose the latter.  And so she smiled the most beautiful smile, and then laughed, and then gave me a free taste sample of one of their new dishes that I asked about.

That experience reminded me of a quote that I read earlier this week:
“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”
If you treat people well and you compliment them, they will live up to your expectation.
People need to be treated well.  We are surrounded by negative people and negativity all the time but it is our job to be the one who turns that around.

Even if you want to scream at the person or if you are angry, you are not going to feel better about yourself and you are not exactly going to gain any respect from them (even if they don’t deserve it).

This week, I challenge you to be kind.
Do something nice for a random person, or even better, do something nice for somebody who doesn’t really deserve it.
Go ahead!

be kind