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Wow, it seems that I have gone through a string of bad luck lately!
It started with my house flooding (but then, who am I to complain? I always wanted an indoor swimming pool), and then my drains were blocked (no need for any descriptions there). Things settled down for a few days before my neighbour died and then, oh joyous day, my son broke his finger (on his right hand, which is his dominant hand that he writes with – 2 weeks before exams start)
Even as I type this out, I am laughing at myself that I thought that those were disasters.  Though while I was going through each one, I thought that there was some conspiracy against me – that some puppet master, or mafia boss, was sitting in a dodgy office somewhere laughing at my downfall.
It didn’t help that my cleaner was one hundred percent convinced that we were cursed by a witch whose sole mission it was to chase her out of my house! (Seriously!)
So now that we have survived these (so called) terrible things that were not actually that bad, I had time to reflect about how much we tend to over-dramatise things that are really not that dramatic.
Yes, there are times when things are clearly disastrous but people overcome all kinds of things – never mind being cursed by a witch.
You never truly know how much you can survive until life throws something at you and says “let’s see how you are going to deal with this!”
There is no way that you are going to go through life smooth sailing all of the time.  It just doesn’t work like that.
But you always have a choice – let life knock you down and focus on how terrible things are or say “OK, life I see you but I am not entertaining this negativity”
I really don’t believe that anyone is cursed or put on this earth to suffer or be punished.  If you feel that way, you are much more likely to get stuck in a negative space and then…. surprise, surprise… life is a negative place to be.
I’m not asking you to be in love with life – sometimes life is just not worth loving – but to be gentle enough on yourself that if things go wrong, you can gracefully deal with it and leave the drama behind.
Sometimes life even has a way of forcing you to slow down – you push yourself so hard and never take a break. Then life will say “aha – you need a break! How about lying in your lounge next to your new (temporary!) indoor swimming pool?” or “you never take a day off work, how about taking the day off to spend with your son in another hospital? A change is as good as a holiday”
Maybe one day, you too will look back at all of your disasters and say, “I am awesome to have survived that ordeal and I am a stronger person for having gone through it”.

“Promise me you’ll always remember…
You’re braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem,
Smarter than you think,
and Loved more than you know”
– Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh (A. A. Milne)