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Let me just put this out there:
I hate driving!
I know lots of people who love driving but I am not one of them.  At all!
And now, to make matters much, much worse, my route to work is fraught with danger.  OK, I exaggerate a bit… my route to work is filled with construction, closed lanes, holes in the road, slippery surfaces and impatient drivers.  Actually it may be fraught with danger after all.
What I do know is that as much as I hate driving and as much as my drive to work can make me miserable, I am so grateful to have a warm car to drive on a freezing cold morning.  Because I see commuters and pedestrians who are probably a lot more unhappy than I am who don’t have a car to keep out the chill with good music playing to accompany the journey.

The people that I really feel sorry for though are the construction workers.  Not the guys who are digging or getting to push their noisy machines.  I feel most sorry for the people (and usually they are women) who spend their day waving a red flag to caution drivers about obstacles ahead.  I could not think of many jobs that are more boring and unstimulating (not to mention dangerous).
Or so I thought until something happened the other day.
It absolutely made my day too.
The construction workers were dancing instead of just standing still and waving their flags.  It was really wonderful to see and while it definitely put a smile on my face, I think that the people most affected by their dance were the construction workers themselves.  They made their jobs more fun and more stimulating.

Why shouldn’t we dance?
Life is serious and difficult.  But we also choose to make it that way.  Because we dance less and we sing less.
We laugh less and worry too much.
We take life more seriously than we should.

I challenge you to do your daily chores with a spring in your step, smile more and wave at people – I promise you it will make a difference.

dance in the rain