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A friend of mine has been feeling down because her high school reunion is coming up and when she looks at what everyone else is doing with their lives, it makes what she is doing seem insignificant.
Personally I think that she is an absolute superhero – she is an amazing and creative mother who has had some huge changes in her life that she gracefully survives.
But that doesn’t seem to be as great as the “super successful” people that she went to school with.

When my school reunion came up, I refused to go because my past is exactly that – the past!  And if I was really interested in people that I went to school with, I would still be in touch with them.  We moved in different directions and I was quite ok to let them go. (Let’s not even speak about the fact that I was in total denial that it had been 25 years since I left school)

We are totally surrounded by information all the time that tells us that we are not good enough.  Whether it is through social media where people have a need to tell everyone how wonderful they are or even if we are exposed to messages in mainstream media that tell us that our hair is not shiny enough (if I am to believe every single advert that gets blasted at me whenever I watch a video on YouTube), we don’t drive the right car, of course we bank with the wrong bank, eat the wrong food and go to the wrong places.  And the powers that be want us to come over to their (obviously) good side.
How are you meant to keep your self esteem in tact after all of that?

How about letting go of all of the negative messages?
Why not stop comparing yourself to other people?
You are perfectly amazing just the way you are and you have value to give. You are special and talented in your own way.
You have your own unique story to tell and it is worth telling!

“Your life is a story…. Make yours a best seller!”