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This week is the late Nelson Mandela’s birthday and his birthday has become Mandela Day – a day for giving back.
In honour of such a great man, we commit time to serve our community in his memory.
I love random acts of kindness given to unsuspecting strangers and I will definitely be doing some of that on Mandela Day.
I will also be joining in a sandwich making mission – the aim is to make 67 000 sandwiches to feed and nourish the hungry.
Please use the opportunity (even if you are not South African) to donate some time, money or skill to somebody or an organisation that really needs it.

I love Mandela Day because of the wonderful spirit of kindness, care and positivity that surrounds us for a day.
But I definitely don’t think that we should wait for one day a year to be kind.
Even more importantly, I don’t think that we should be spreading kindness, or expecting kindness from others, until we learn to be kind to ourselves.

Thanks to Brave Girls Club for this:
I want to remember that I must be the example to others of how I want to be treated… meaning that if I want to be treated with kindness and respect, I must treat myself with kindness and respect.  If I want to be treated with love and patience, I must treat myself with love and patience.  I teach other people how to treat me.

Mandela really believed in forgiveness – so please forgive yourself.  Be kind and gentle to yourself.  Respect yourself.
Stop waiting for, and having huge expectations that somebody is going to change the way that they treat you so that you can be happier.
The only person responsible for your happiness is you.
Take that responsibility today!
You never know how great you can become!

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