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Why are some people worriers?
There are many reasons for being a more worried person than the person sitting opposite you on the bus (well, he doesn’t look too worried anyway)
Genetics plays a large role – yes, blame it on your mother!
Personality is a big thing too – if you are a more serious, perfectionist type of person, then you are going to worry more about things than somebody who has a more casual attitude towards their life.
Another factor is intelligence.
The more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to worry.  If you are intelligent, you are probably analytical and if you are analytical then you worry about a lot of things, and often you worry about things that you have absolutely no control over.  You tend to over-interpret things and generally make mountains out of molehills.
Sounding familiar yet?
The more you worry about things, the more likely you are to get stressed, to have constant neck tension, headaches, stomach aches, changes in appetite, changes in mood (especially irritability) and difficulty sleeping.
Sounding more familiar?
Worrying can make you sick.
That’s the bad news….

Now for the good news….
If you are going to be a worrier, then you might as well be a warrior!
If you are going to use your intelligence and your mighty and (stubborn) personality, you might as well use it for good instead of  focusing on stress.
You might as well use your brilliance to focus on your strengths and take on the world rather than focusing on your weakness and letting the world take you on!

Worry doesn’t just go away – it is real and it is big and it is definitely there.
Yet  I have absolute faith in your ability to be warrior.
You have the ability to be amazing and strong and courageous but you have to believe it too.

Try and complete this sentence:
I am a warrior because….
And start becoming a worrier warrior.