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I can talk a lot about changing your attitude towards life and dealing better with stress.  Yet, sometimes we just need a quick fix to deal with stress and anxiety.
I’m going to share some of these with you but know that there may be something that is specifically calming to you that may be irritating and absolutely not calming to somebody else.  Don’t be afraid to do your own version of stress management.
I know somebody (OK, I am married to somebody) who calms himself down by playing drums – which I find particularly irritating and very noisy but he finds calming and relaxing.

A really good idea is to make a box to keep some things in that you know will instantly calm you down.  And of course you can decorate that box to make it more special, but you can also just throw a few things into your desk drawer or your handbag too…

Lavender oil – smell it, put a drop on your wrist, a drop on your pillow to help you to sleep, a few drops in your bath before bedtime (you can thank me later)

Chamomile tea is super relaxing (and tastes horrible enough to make you think that it is medicinal).  A spoon of honey will make it taste better.

Chocolate (need I say anymore?) – especially dark 70% or more cocoa solids melting on your tongue

The Acupressure point for worry and anxiety is on your wrist crease on the side of your little finger.  Spend a few minutes massaging it while taking deep breaths

Having said that – take deep breaths.  Force the air out of your lungs from the diaphragm and then take huge breaths in and out

I learned some of the lovely art of Jin Shin Jyutsu (a Japanese art of self healing) this weekend.  Holding your index finger can be calming

Squeeze a stress ball (learn how to make one here: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Balloon-Stress-Ball )

Listen to calming music

Doodle – just grab some paper and start drawing.  And while you are at it, write a list of things that are good about your life

Get outside, walk, breathe in fresh air and please don’t look at your phone while you are doing this – interruptions are unnecessary!

Let me know what else you add to this list.