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Stop feeling guilty for taking time out!
Don’t feel bad about procrastinating a bit.
Your to-do list may be growing, and you can allow it to.

There are going to be times when you just don’t have the energy (or the health) to get things done.
This is not being lazy or procrastinating – this is called looking after yourself.
It is OK to look after yourself.
It is more than OK to look after yourself.
Nobody is a superhuman, or a superhero or a super robot and there is going to be a time when your body cries out to you that you need to recharge.  Listen to your body’s cries.
I am blessed (yes, blessed!) to have a chronic illness that is there as a reminder to me that I have to take time out.  If I don’t, then I end up with a fever and in pain which forces me to stop my ‘race’ and just care for myself.
The main reason that we don’t take time out is that we put pressure on ourselves to achieve a high standard of living or we feel that we have to keep up the appearance of being busy and successful.
Highly intelligent, over analytical and stressed people (I’m talking to you here, so pay attention!) have real difficulty with slowing down.  You think that you are a failure if you don’t keep moving and performing and doing.

Either you listen to your body shouting at you to slow down or it will give you something to slow you down.
You know all about it because you know people who have it, or you’ve read about it, or you might even have it yourself – more and more people are hypertensive, diabetic and have high cholesterol.  More people are anxious and stressed.
You cannot sustain this pace.
So stop!

Be gentle and kind to yourself.
Lie on your bed, cuddle on the couch, watch TV or movies, sip tea while you stare out of the window, doodle or colour in a picture.
Cry, play that music out loud, dance, shout.
Eat that chocolate biscuit!
And don’t for one second feel guilty about it.  Because as soon as you feel better (and you will), you will be up and about and doing what you’re meant to be doing with more energy and motivation than you had before.