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Sometimes you just need a quick fix when you are stressed or anxious (and no, I’m not talking about drugs and alcohol).
Acupressure is a wonderful alternative treatment that can help you with hundreds of ailments using hundreds of points on your body.
I find acupressure beneficial, especially when combined with aromatherapy.
It is not necessarily going to cure the problem but it goes a long way to help you to feel more comfortable.
There is also a huge fear when you are stressed or anxious that you are going to become overwhelmed or lose control.  By knowing some simple techniques to help yourself, you are taking some of the control back.

These are my favourite (and most convenient and easy to find) points:

1.  Headaches:  Press hard on your finger tips for 30 seconds at a time OR press down on the middle of the 4th bone of your index finger (yes, you have 4 bones in your finger – count them) putting pressure on the inside of your finger.

2.  Anxiety:  Pulse push (in other words push, release and push again) on the spot between your eyebrows (that is presuming that you have 2 eyebrows – if you have one, figure out where the middle is – basically above your nose) This point is also helpful for treating insomnia so if you can’t fall asleep, breathe deeply and press between your eyebrows!
Another brilliant pressure point for anxiety that helps you to breathe more deeply is just above the point where the bones of your index finger and thumb meet.
Press this point while breathing in, hold your breath and then release while breathing out.
(You can comfortably do this when you are sitting at your desk or facing your manager across the boardroom table)

3.  Feeling stressed? Measure one thumb width below your wrist crease (where your wrist bends) and put pressure just under that spot for 30 seconds.

A brilliant combination of pressure and aromatherapy oil would be to use lavender oil for relaxation or jasmine oil for stress.

Feel free to print this picture to have a reference whenever you need it.
Good luck!

Acupressure points