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I was really unsure on whether I should join the many voices who are having their share of opinions on Paris (and Lebanon, Turkey, Nigeria and Kenya and everywhere where people are oppressed or victims of terror and crime).
I think that enough is being said by everyone else and probably more passionately and eloquently than I can.
Although we live in frightening times, I still honestly believe that there are far more good, kind and caring people than there are bad, evil and hateful ones.
We cannot fight hate with more hate, lack of understanding or general ignorance.

One of the things that I absolutely love about this blog is the diversity of my readers – I have readers and followers from all over the world, from all religions and races and of all ages.
And I love that!
Everybody has stress – no matter where you come from, or what your life circumstances are, you are going to be exposed to stress.
Because after all, we are all human.
And it would do us good to remember that.  Nobody has the right to think that they have more rights than anybody else.

Understand this – whether it is a nation hating another nation, a terrorist organisation breeding a generation of killers, a neighbour fighting their neighbour, your manager constantly giving you a hard time or your family not respecting you….
It is not your story!
You can only be the best person that you can be.  If somebody else doesn’t like you for being you, it has nothing to do with you – it is not your story!

Continue to be the wonderful, kind and caring person that you are.
Continue to be your unique self.
Continue to spread love and acts of kindness to all people around you no matter who they are.
That is good enough.