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It is amazing how things work out.
A friend sent me a link for a vlog about the Cinderella Pantomime (showing in Manchester if you are interested with Torvill and Dean! And Ponies!), and I was suitably impressed enough by the guy’s video to go and look for some of his other videos.  The first video that I noticed was (obviously) about having a panic attack.
Please do yourself a favour and go and watch his video:

Now, I have read a lot of people’s writings about panic and anxiety (and by the way, a panic attack and anxiety attack are the same thing) and I’ve seen a lot of videos about the subject, but what really struck me about this one was his honesty – just telling it as it is, and without the drama!

One of the biggest issues that come with anxiety is that it nobody talks about it (and there is already a problem with people not talking enough about any mental health issues).
A lot of people who have anxiety are embarrassed to talk about it and even more people who have anxiety may not even be aware that they have anxiety.  This is because anxiety has far more physical symptoms than emotional ones.
It is a little known fact that I battle anxiety too – and I am probably guilty of not talking enough about it either.  But the reason that most people don’t know that I have anxiety is that I manage it so well that I could be having a panic attack while I am standing right next to you and you wouldn’t have a clue.
Go back to read some of my favoured anxiety management techniques:

I hate having anxiety but it certainly has given me the equipment to become a better therapist and to be able to help people practically – when I say that something works, I know that it works because I do it myself.

Thank you for making this video, Scott – when you could have easily just kept the experience to yourself or been too ashamed to share it.  I hope that your bravery in sharing your experience will go a long way to helping others share theirs too and to reducing the stigma that comes with it.