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This has truly been an awful week because my son has been sick.
He literally hasn’t slept for a week (which means that neither have I) and any free time that I would have had has been taken up by giving him medication and applying ointment to his skin.
And it all culminated in the mother of all bad days yesterday when literally everything felt like it was going wrong.

Then guess what happened?
Yesterday ended, I survived, my son survived and he managed to sleep for about 6 hours.
Yesterday, I really felt that I was going crazy and just like that, things improved today without any intervention from me.

Life is like that – there are going to be days that are absolute disasters and times when you can’t even imagine ever getting through and then they end and you can’t believe that you actually made it.
Of course it can happen the other way round too.
Life can merrily be going along and suddenly something happens to turn it all upside down.

I think the most important lesson that we can learn is just being able to let things go and try not to freak out about needing control all of the time.
What did I do yesterday when I got home?
Not much!
The laundry wasn’t folded, the dishes were not washed and dinner was about as unspectacular as you can get.
I knew that I needed to have some time just doing nothing in order to avoid burn out.
And that is the key – we can’t control life and we are not necessarily going to control how our bodies are going to react to stress but we can certainly do our absolute best to make sure that we do not burn out.
That means taking time out to recover, giving up the idea of perfection, accepting that not everything is going to get done and definitely asking for help when you need it.

The idea of “this too shall pass” is very clichéd but also very true.
Until it does pass, it is your responsibility to be the best you can be to yourself – be gentle, be kind and really nice to yourself.  Think bubble baths, delicious food, sitting and watching the sunset, gentle walks, hanging out with nice people (or even better animals) and definitely no housework!