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We have been blessed with wonderful rain in the past week.
Which is great for the environment but better for me because I went to see the show Singing in the Rain this weekend.
And I bought a Singing in the Rain umbrella and now I can sing (and dance) in the rain much to my kids’ embarrassment.

Singing in the Rain
And of course it makes me feel wonderful. It reminds me of a guy in our neighborhood.
He stands on the corner of a busy intersection and dances. Everyday. No matter what.
And he absolutely makes my day.
Not only does his dancing make me smile but he waves at me every time I pass him and sometimes I even get a kiss blown my way (an occupational hazard of mine).

The amazing thing about the dancing guy is that he is unemployed and doesn’t look very dapper but he still has the power to make people happy. In a world that is so materialistic, we often forget that there can be more happiness from simple things than from the big, expensive and powerful things that we come to expect.
There is no physical object – chocolate or shoes (ok, maybe not shoes) that can make me smile like this guy does.

You never know how much power you have to make somebody’s day.
Your smile or your dance could help someone to go from grumpy to smiley. Give it a chance!
It might just work on yourself too!