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I wasn’t having the best of days yesterday – in fact it was a decidedly ‘blah’ kind of day.
It wasn’t that terrible but just ‘blah’ enough for me to be fantasizing about a better life in more tropical places that Johannesburg.
That was until I bought a copy of The Daily Sun – that mine of information and news – and saw this headline:


And suddenly, just like that, my day improved vastly.  No matter how tired I felt, I realised that I was truly blessed not to be unfortunate enough to have a tokoloshe tracker in my bum! (If you don’t know what a tokoloshe is, I suggest you Google it…. and I’ll leave you to form your own opinions about it).
The Daily Sun’s headlines are a bit extreme but you can read any newspaper on any day and realise that you are far more blessed than you believed you were.
In fact, my daily mantra is that if I am not on the front page of The Daily Sun, then I’m doing alright.

There are people whose lives are so stressful and their conditions of living are so horrific that they would wish to have your kind of problems.
Yet at the same time, there are people who you may envy because their lives seem so much better and less stressful than yours.
So where do you fit in the greater scheme of things?
Probably somewhere in the middle with a leaning towards the more positive side.

Take a moment to appreciate what you have rather than stress about what you don’t have.
Be gracious enough to know that although your life is sometimes really tough, you are also so blessed too.

Make sure that you live your life in such an amazing way that it is headline worthy (with an exclamation mark!).