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One of the biggest stressors that people have to deal with is dealing with other people.  Well, dealing with other people and the way that they treat you.

Why are some people bad, horrible and negative towards you?

  1. They have had a hard life and that makes them negative and resentful towards others
  2. They are having a hard time right now and they find it difficult to interact positively with other people
  3. They are genuinely just nasty people
  4. They are jealous of you (which, by the way, means that you have to be doing something great!)

So what can you do about these people?

  1. Nothing
  2. Nothing
  3. Nothing
  4. Nothing

Their problems are their own.  The only way that they can feel better about themselves is to make you feel bad so that you can feel the same way as they do (or worse) – this is NOT YOUR PROBLEM!  They want it to become your problem but it is really not about you at all.

What can you do about the way you interact with these people?
You have a few choices here (that’s the good news).

  1. Do not have anything to do with them and if possible try to give them space (far, far away from you) – cut them out of your life because they do not deserve to be taking up important space in your life.  You are worth so much more than they allow you to be.  Don’t give them any more room to have control over you.
  2. If they do put you down or treat you badly, please do not pick yourself up and go right back to them so that they can abuse you more.  By cutting you out of their life, they are making a decision for you.  They do not need to be given more opportunities to hurt you.
  3. If you absolutely can not leave them – you need to learn to put up an imaginary barrier between you and them.  They can say and do whatever they want but you are the one who knows why they are saying those things.  And because you know that it is NOT ABOUT YOU, you do not allow their negativity to affect you – you are bigger, stronger and more awesome than that!
  4. Most importantly, take it as a compliment that somebody would be obsessing about what you are doing.  If they are noticing you then you must be doing great.  Keep on being great!  They will eventually get tired of you and move on to someone else.