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Anna Vital writes about what she thinks are the reasons for people being unhappy.  It is worth having a look at these reasons and thinking about how it applies to your life and your choices for happiness.
(I have put my own explanations in brackets after each one.)

Reasons for being unhappy:

  • Setting expectations unrealistically high (setting yourself up for failure by only aiming high and not being realistic or taking things step by step)
  • Thinking that you are special but can’t explain why (remember that nobody owes you anything and you are no more special than anyone else – work hard for yourself and not for recognition)
  • Measuring happiness in the wrong units (no, money can NOT buy you happiness no matter how happy you feel at the time)
  • Getting used to what you have and then wanting more (learn to appreciate, be happy and love what you have)
  • Confusing not being bad with being good (just because you are not a criminal, and well done for that, doesn’t mean that you are being good to others or to yourself)
  • Trying to find meaning in being unhappy (please don’t over-analyse everything.  Learn to be in the moment)
  • Hoping that other people will make you happy (nobody can make you feel happy until you are happy with yourself)
  • Finding commiserators (stop inviting people to your pity party – rather surround yourself with positive people who truly care about you)
  • Believing that happiness is a selfish pursuit (you ARE worth it! And you do deserve happiness)
  • Thinking that misery follows happiness (just let yourself be happy, don’t worry about the fact that it may not last – maybe it will, maybe it won’t)

You may not feel over the moon, excited kind of happy but start thinking about how you are holding yourself back.
Be wonderful!