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On Monday, we had no electricity in our area for a few hours (a few too many).  The sun had set, it was getting dark and in my wisdom I decided that was the ideal time to hang washing (don’t ask – there is no logic to be found here).
Because I couldn’t really see what I was doing, I didn’t realise that I had been dropping water all over my tiled floor until I slipped in the water and had a very non-graceful fall.  I still have a big bruise on my leg to prove it, although my ego was more bruised than my knee.
I sat on the floor in the puddle, crying in pain and frustration and I needed to blame someone – so of course I blamed City Power for my fall.  After all, if I had been able to turn on the lights, I would have noticed the puddle and I wouldn’t have fallen.
That makes sense! Does it?
Not at all!
No matter how dark it was – I was the one carrying wet washing over a tiled floor.  Then that makes it 100% my responsibility.

Every day I spend time with people who give me long lists filled with who is to blame for their problems.  They spend so much energy being angry and blaming that they absolutely do not see the role that they play in their circumstances.
Today I had somebody tell me “if you don’t sort out my manager then I am going to get sick!”
The truth is that if they don’t do something to change their situation, then they are going to get sick.  No matter how terrible the manager is, there is nothing that you can do to change this person.  You can only change yourself and how you deal with your issues.

As soon as you realise this and take the control back, you will feel much more empowered.
You are the manager of your own life.  You can have control of your destiny.
Yes, it is difficult when somebody is blocking your way but you have to be the one to take the different path.

Keep being wonderful!