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In my younger and more athletic days, I had a washboard stomach (and let me tell you that I definitely I didn’t appreciate it at the time).
So this morning, while I was getting dressed, I was lamenting on what happened to that perfect stomach which has been replaced with something rather flabby – clearly caused by pregnancy, lack of doing sit ups (raise your hands those of you who actually do sit ups…) and possibly a tiny little bit of too many pastries.
I got on with my day and didn’t give my stomach a second thought – after all, it was my pregnancies, lack of sit ups and need for visiting the patisserie that caused it – until I got one of those lovely marketing emails offering me R100 off a weight loss program.
I just spent more than R100 on potatoes!

And therein lies the problem – I do not need any random marketing email to remind me that I am fat (which I am not!) – I don’t feel fat most of the time until something or someone has to remind me of how my body doesn’t fit into what is considered “normal” and if my self esteem wasn’t good enough, I would think that I was not normal and would spend my life trying to fit in.
We are constantly being told that we are too fat (or in my chocolate devouring husband’s case, too thin), or too old, too young, too uneducated, uninformed, too black, too white and too bipolar – What??
Two different people told me today that they had ruined their marriages because of negative self belief that started when they were children taught by none other than their own parents.

Understand this now – you are never going to fit in!
How can you when you are an amazing, beautiful and unique person?  What exactly are you trying to fit in with?
Somebody else’s idea of what is right and what is wrong.  Stop it right now and choose to embrace your individuality.

I was so blessed to meet Caroline Rothstein this past weekend whose video I want to share with you.
She is an amazing survivor, a brilliant speaker and somebody who is no longer letting negative pressures and experiences determine who she is.

Fat is not a feeling