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I was in such a good mood this morning because I saw a cow walking down the road.
Well it was a woman dressed up as cow, actually a woman wearing a cow onesie with a tail, ears and everything.
And I laughed and laughed aloud in my car.

What a blessing to be able to walk freely in the street dressed as a cow and not worry about what anyone thinks.
I often feel that we are so caught up in our problems that we don’t notice our blessings.  Not only that, we don’t notice the little moments that may just shift our moods, even for a short while.  Even if it is a cow walking in the road…
In all the chaos of my life, I have been catching up with a TV show that I used to love when I was a kid in the 80’s. It’s just a simple pleasure.
(Stop smirking or trying to work out my age…. )
The 80’s were great – we had big hair, big shoulders and leg warmers – enough to make anyone laugh when they look back at how cool we thought we were.

Can you create some time just to do something that will make you laugh?  Whether it is reminiscing with a friend, watching an old movie, doing something silly…
Can you care a little less what anyone thinks of you?

I would love to be able to thank the woman who chose today to walk in public dressed like a cow – she has no idea how much better she made me feel.
Maybe tomorrow, you might be the person who makes somebody else smile….
Give it a go!