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Today was a totally bizarre day:

  1. I woke up too early
  2. I got to work late because an accident happened in front of me and the drivers decided to resolve the problem by beating each other up
  3. I left work late which meant that I was late to fetch my kids from school
  4. BUT: my kids came out of school late which meant that I drove in exactly as they were walking out of class
  5. AND: the icing on the cake…. As I was driving to fetch them, I came across a terrible accident that had happened only a few minutes before I got there – the few minutes before that I was meant to be driving through that intersection if I hadn’t been running late.

I don’t try to analyse things too deeply – I may have a (very stressed out) guardian angel looking after me, knocking disasters out of my way.  G-d may be on my side (for once).
It may be fate, it may be coincidence, it also may mean nothing.

But this I do know:
We do not have control over anything outside of ourselves.
Things are going to happen and they may affect us negatively or positively but still we have no control over them.
Sometimes you just need to let things happen.
Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people, good things happen to good people too.
If we can be gracious enough to let it go, to not stress about what we can’t control, to not worry about other people and their actions, we would be much calmer and happier in our lives