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My husband knows the deal – if any of the celebrities that I adore – Colin Firth, Jayne Torvill or Judith Light – show up at my doorstep, I may just have to leave with them.
I adore Morgan Freeman too but more as the narrator for my life story: “Andi ponders on whether she should have tea or coffee.  She chooses tea and then wonders whether tea is really just a gateway drug to chocolate biscuits….”

Judith Light is a well known and acclaimed actress but the one thing that I have noticed about every single interview that she does is not only her humility but also that she takes a marked interest in the person interviewing her.  It never seems that the interview is just about her, sometimes it is like she is interviewing the interviewer too!
This is an amazing quality that we can all aspire to and is certainly the reason that I really admire her so much.

Nobody is more important than somebody else!
You may have more money, a nicer car, a “better job” (which I put in quotation marks because who is to say whose job is better or more worthy than somebody else’s?), have more experience, be more knowledgeable or have more years than someone else but that does not mean that you are better than them. Ever!

Make it your mission today to take a moment to speak to somebody who you usually wouldn’t talk to.
Do you know the name of the cleaner who works in your office?
Have you asked the security guard how his day is going?
Compliment your boss on his choice of tie (yes, really!)
Smile at a stranger.
Say something nice to the person standing in front of you in the queue.

The idea is that if you are kind to somebody else, inevitably they will be kind to you.  And you will feel better about yourself and your day, and then you will feel a little less stressed.
It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks about you. If only one person thinks that you are worthy (even if that person is you), then you are worthy enough!